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This month we’re talking about giftiness. We’ve put our thinkers toward finding interesting, reader-oriented gift ideas for you and your family and friends. So please, have a cuppa eggnog, put on your favorite plush bunny slippers, and laugh, (and maybe even take notes), with our imaginative, ridiculous, serious, and sometimes, spot-on gift ideas…

Robin Lythgoe

Author of As the Crow Flies

Robin’s Website

Bookish gift ideas are nice to have any time of the year, right? We all know people who love to read and write, and there are many gifting occasions throughout the year.

But it’s December already, and although we have the same twelve months every year in which to prepare ourselves, we’e running behind again. And if you are one of those Miracle Early Shoppers, you’re probably still looking for a few last minute ideas for stockings, or office parties, or… all that jazz.

So put on your party hats, queue up the holiday tunes, and let’s do this!

Patricia Reding

Author of Oathtaker

Patricia’s Website

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read Parker’s opening. Then I got to Robin’s and laughed out loud. Why? Because she mentioned early shopping. I find the concept more than a little amusing.

You see, I tried that early shopping routine some years back. I discovered it wasn’t for me. Here are my reasons: (1) I buy things I like so well and am so excited about that I give them to the person right away, thereby leaving myself in the position of having to shop again for the actual holiday; (2) I buy things I like so well, I keep them (and yes, that leaves me having to shop again); and (3) I just keep buying things! I never seem to think it’s enough, I forget what I already have, and really, let’s be honest: the gift-giving impulse builds as the holiday approaches.

Parker Broaddus

Author of  A Hero’s Curse & Nightrage Rising

Parker’s Website…oh wait. You’re already here.

You’re a reader. You have friends who are readers. You have family who are readers. As Christmas comes galloping toward us, you’ve finally cast your thoughts toward that annual tradition of giving a gift that says you know and appreciate them, even if they are often lost in other worlds. But what to give? Here are some ideas I’ve found that made me laugh and snort my eggnog ~ with a couple of them making it to my shopping cart.

First up, for your reader who is also the coffee drinking family member. Here’s a way to honor that love, while still subltly saying, you’ve ignored the rest of us for too long. It’s time for a cuppa joe for two.

If your dear one is more of the type who checks out with a glass of wine and a story, which you want to pay homage to, but you’re still itching to send that message of too much time spent away from family togetherness, try this one.

But maybe it’s a comfortable setting that is the real culprit. The easy chair next to the fire. The lounge in the sunroom. How do you provide that space for reading, without making it so comfortable your reader forgets to return? No fear. I’ve found what you need.







Now, for your dear reader who doesn’t live with you ~ the one you don’t mind encouraging, as you won’t be the one missing meals. Try the 100 Books Scratch Off Poster, which is amazing, or the Owl Eyeglasses Holder, which is decidedly owlish.

I particularly liked the idea of the foodie reader’s gift set. Anything in this genre is sure to be a hit.

But perhaps what you are really looking for is, well, books. Take a look at some of the artful, surprising, and fun bundles offered on Etsy.

Of course, bookmarks and costume jewelry abound. Nothing says “I put as close to no thought into this gift as I possibly could” like a dime-a-dozen pendant that says “I love books.” Instead, go for the win and find something that sings.








What about you? What was the craziest gift you ever received?

And a very Merry Christmas, to you and yours from The Kingdom of Mar and Essie and Tig and Illiana and Sam…

…and myself.

May yours be merry and bright, full of hope, and light.


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  2. Robin Lythgoe says:

    These are truly giggle-worthy ideas, Parker! That reader’s gift set (in the genre you suggested) sounds quite decadent. The keyring might be a little too spot-on for me, but it reminds me of the one I’m currently using: “There is beauty all around, when there’s no one home… 🎵” (It’s an irreverent twist from the line of a hymn.) Makes me laugh every time. 😄

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