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5-Stars for A Hero’s Curse, by P. S. Broaddus: … I was delighted with Essie’s inner dialog, and with her conversations with her Uncle Cagney, and with Tig. Together they provided insight into the main protagonist. For example, Essie thinks to herself: “I love Tig. He never feels sorry for me, which is great, because I can feel sorry enough for myself.” … I found myself highlighting sections at a steady rate, as I found P. S. Broaddus’s “voice,” in A Hero’s Curse, so very interesting. The sarcasm was funny—and cutting—and age appropriate for the intended reader. Overall, Broaddus’s voice is one I would like to hear again—and I am confident that young readers will agree…

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Readers’ Favorite reviewer, Patricia Reding


I just finished reading A Hero’s Curse today. Wow. The characters had a lot of depth and were very compelling. The plot was so exciting I had a hard time setting it down. Now I really hope P.S. Broaddus publishes a sequel soon, because I want to know what happens to Essie!

Kati E.


If reading a book is meant to immerse you in a world wholly unlike your own, expand your horizons, and deepen your reservoir of empathy for the suffering and travails of others, P.S. Broaddus has undoubtedly accomplished that and then some with this novel. What Mr. Broaddus has done here is truly remarkable. Without himself being blind or disabled, he has captured well the consuming emotions of isolation and despair and the temptation toward bitterness that come with disability. I have a wife who is disabled and I thought I knew it all! But, lo and behold, he has made even me think and rethink — my motives, attitude, abilities, etc. He has inspired all of us to rise above what it is that plagues us (hint: it might not be what you think). And to top it all off, he has borne in me a new appreciation of the feline species. Not an easy feat. I can assure you that in discovering the curse of heroes, you will not be cursed but in fact blessed — you and those around you.

Ricky D.


A Hero’s Curse is a great debut by a good author. The plot starts off strong and gets better and more intricate as the book progresses. The characters are very real—not perfect, but compelling and often lovable. Essie’s insight into herself and the people around her grows throughout the story, giving the reader a deeper and deeper look into human nature (and feline nature too, thanks to Tig the cat). Lest the book become too heavy, the whole thing is full of wit and snarky humor. One of the most interesting things that the author does, seemingly effortlessly, is make his imaginary world seem so tangible and real, even though the narrator Essie never sees the colors, rock formations, textures, and other people that she describes so vividly.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous to take a chance on a new author. But this book captured my imagination, and everything I liked about it—the writing without clichés, the plot, the characters, the humor—seemed to get stronger and stronger as the book went on. If A Hero’s Curse is P.S. Broaddus’s first attempt at good story-crafting, then I can hardly wait to get my hands on what he writes in the future.

Natalie G.


A Hero’s Curse, whether you are 10 or 100, is the perfect book for your shelf.

Conner G., 12


As a writer I appreciated that A Hero’s Curse was well paced, tightly written, and had a believable and engaging voice. And Tig, oh Tig, caught me by surprise so many times. Nothing jarred me out of the story. I liked that Essie had character growth to do, but at no time did I want to throw the book against the wall.

A Hero’s Curse is an excellent story, with adventure, magical creatures, dangerous places, and a plucky heroine. It’s exciting and fun, and fuels the imagination. The kind of story a family can read aloud after dinner.

Author of The Badlands Job, Abigail Cossette


In A Hero’s Curse, the characters are very real. The “good guys” are not perfect. They all have flaws and struggles that I could relate to. The relationships that were depicted are ones that could be expected in the real world not just another fairy tail. “Seeing” the world through Essie Brightsday’s eyes literally brought me into the story where I was feeling and thinking like she was. I was, in a sense, a part of her mind!

It was an amazing ride! I enjoyed the sarcastic Tig and the other interesting little creatures that showed up throughout the book. I loved the completeness of this fantasy world that P.S Broaddus has created!

Hannah A.


A Hero’s Curse is so good, I can’t wait to read the next one! I found it exiting with elements similar to Lord of the Rings.

Ethan B.


I just finished reading A Hero’s Curse, and I’m searching for the right words to tell you how much I enjoyed it! It was truly a delightful story. The characters are so engaging, the world is unique and sparks the imagination, and the storyline is exciting, with several surprises. I hope this is just the beginning of the series!

Brittainy A.


I thoroughly enjoyed Ess and Tig’s adventure. I find the story captivating and exciting and look forward to the next installment! The lessons learned that lead to personal growth for Essie are lessons we all can learn from.

Lucia H.


A Hero’s Curse is a great ride—an intriguing plot with unexpected twists and turns, memorable characters with sustained development. The plot unfolds at the perfect pace. It is accessible without being formulaic. I enjoyed A Hero’s Curse immensely, and more than expected. As a reader, I enjoyed the book for its own sake; as a parent to young children, I can’t wait until they are old enough to read it for themselves.

Jayce N.


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