Fan Art Competition

The Valley of Fire, by our illustrator, Danny Kundzinsh


I’ve loved getting to see the fan art generated by those who read and loved A Hero’s Curse. To reward those talented artists, and in conjunction with the announcement of the sequel, Nightrage Rising, our team has opened up a fan art competition, to celebrate art and illustration that inspires and enhances story, specifically as related to The Unseen Chronicles. The competition will be open from now until November 24th!

Each submitted art piece will be judged according to the following criteria, in priority order:

  • Ability to inspire or capture the essence of The Unseen Chronicles
  • Creativity in delivering a unique vision
  • Demonstrated artistic and technical skills
  • Ability to meet the technical requirements of submission

We’ve created a couple of different entry categories:

  • Open Illustrator Category: First Place – $50 Prize
  • Young Illustrator Category: First Place – $50 Prize

The Open Illustrator Category is meant to be just that – any artist of any age can submit art for review as detailed above. The Young Illustrator Category is meant to encourage artists 13 and under. Winners must be able to accept prize payment via either PayPal or check drawn on a U.S. Bank. Judges will include, among others, P.S. Broaddus, (me!) and our brilliant illustrators Danny Kundzinsh and Rebecca Frank. In addition to the judged prizes mentioned above, popular voting will be available on our Facebook page! Let your family and friends know so they can vote too!

  • Open Illustrator Contest Popular Prize Popular Prize – $25 Prize
  • Young Illustrator Contest Popular Prize Popular Prize – $25 Prize

If you haven’t had a chance to read A Hero’s Curse, or want to comb through it for fan art inspiration, you can grab a copy of the Kindle e-book for free on Friday, November 3rd, Friday, November 10th, or Friday November 17th.

Or, check out Chapter 1 of Nightrage Rising here. Or contact me for more ideas and scenes from Nightrage Rising!

Ready to submit? Upload your fan art here.

Winning art does not become the property of or P.S. Broaddus.  The artist retains all copyright and may reuse, resale, or repurpose their art as they wish; however, the artist grants and/or P.S. Broaddus the right to use the image both online at our website, in various social media, and in print in association with the website in perpetuity.
All submitted art will go through a pre-qualification round before being accepted as a suitable submission.  Art will be judged for its suitability as being related to The Unseen Chronicles.  As art is submitted, pieces accepted as suitable contest entries may be displayed online in a contest gallery and in various social media venues to share with our readers.
Non-winning art may be displayed on our site, contest gallery, and on various social media venues (including but not necessarily limited to Facebook) to help promote the contest and expose submitted art to a wider audience. Non-winning art will not be used for any other purpose without the permission of the artist. The artist retains all copyright and may reuse, resale, or repurpose their art as they wish; however, after the contest is completed, the contest gallery and social media displays may remain online to help promote future contests.
If for any reason the competition is not capable of running as planned, including insufficient contest entries, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the competition, and/or P.S. Broaddus reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition.



Syteless Peak

A Hero's Curse - Essie and Tig and Syteless Peak

“Long have heroes attempted to find and conquer Syteless Peak, but its dangers are unseen, and its path hidden. Beware the darkness you can touch.”  First Champion and Kingdom Protectoress Baila Kindgard, as found in The Ruined Scrolls from the Forgotten Epoch.

Royal Archives Volume 72, Kingdom of Mar, “The Ruined Scrolls,” by Royal Historian Reguss Samthorn

Arcus Vulture

Arcus Vulture

Arcus Vultures are a curious contradiction. One of the most dangerous creatures of the Valley of Fire, it is not due to their razor sharp talons or five step wingspan. (Although these are good to be aware of.)

Rather, it is due to their scavenging lifestyle of digging through decaying carcasses that Arcus Vultures carry a swift and deadly disease known as “fleshrot.”

Fleshrot, if not treated, is often fatal within a few hours. See “Fleshrot.” Because this disease is so deadly and because it transfers at nothing more than a scratch most find it prudent to avoid Arcus Vultures entirely. Arcus Vultures also hunt in packs, no more than six to eight but seldom fewer than three, making them even more worthy of avoidance.

However, Arcus Vultures carry a regenerative healing property in their blood that allows them to carry fleshrot without dying.  The chemist philosopher Andrus Corpsen isolated the property and discovered for the modern world the powerful healing elixir that we now commonly refer to as “Second Chance Elixir.” See also, “Andrus Corpsen,” and “Second Chance Elixer.”

Royal Archives Volume 473, Kingdom of Mar, “Arcus Vulture,” by Royal Historian Gregus Sandburr

Rock Ogre

Rock Ogre

The Rock Ogre is a native to the twisted and sharp lava rock caves of the Valley of Fire. Not to be confused with the Forest Ogre, which is much bigger but has lighter and more sensitive skin. (Some Forest Ogres are even known to sunburn). The Forest Ogre lives beyond the hills bordering the Kingdom of Mar in Greatwood Forest. See “Forest Ogre.”

Rock Ogres are known for their massive teeth and their voracious appetite, but not for their intelligence or stealth. Their teeth grow throughout their lives, requiring them to gnaw on rocks or bones to keep them from growing too long. (You can often tell how old a Rock Ogre is by how long his teeth are, although, such examination is rarely possible.)

Rock Ogres, often referred to simply as “ogres” by those from the Kingdom of Mar, do not speak Lingua Comma as you and I do, but instead communicate by a crude system of grunts and pointing. One notable exception to this generality was a circus performing ogre by the name of “Ozblat the Terrible.” He was taught to say “Dana Dizzywittle didn’t do diddly during daytime darts.” This level of speech was so astonishing people regularly paid to hear Ozblat’s performance.

Royal Archives Volume 465, Kingdom of Mar, “Rock Ogre,” by Royal Historian Gregus Sandburr



The Exarus race is a mysterious race that looks similar to the Kingdom of Mar’s champion war horses but with the addition of wings. The Exarus do not claim any relation to our own breed of horses, although they do have a similar fondness for apples. Little is known of their origin as they guard their history carefully and often keep to themselves.

The Exarus are perfectly proportioned and can speak several languages including Lingua Comma. They are not ridden as we ride horses. Instead they have been sought after as diplomacy and war advisors in the past. The Exarus left the Kingdom of Mar when Amanex was banished by King Yertune during the Cretlin Sea War. Since that time the Exarus have been declared an extinguished race.  See “Amanex, Diplomat of Aeola,” and “Extinguished Races.”

Royal Archives Volume 239, Kingdom of Mar, “Exarus,” by Royal Historian Handel Brushtache



Urodelas were a salamander-like creature that made their home in the swamplands of Bangular, until those marshes were destroyed and became what is now commonly known as the Grey Wasteland.

A relatively harmless and peaceful creature, they are known for their incredible varying colors and have at times been held as pets by nobles. No Urodela are known to exist today. See “Extinguished Races.”

Royal Archives Volume 611, Kingdom of Mar, “Urodelas,” updated by Royal Historian Smalls Cavimish, original entry see, “Uerodelam,” Royal Archives Volume 328

Urodela, CheepUrodela

Rock Basilisk

Rock Basilisk

Rock Basilisks are one of the more cunning predators of the Valley of Fire. They were described in the journal of the great explorer Tangerine Menalo as “a creature up to eight steps long, of the same coloration as the red rock of the Valley of Fire with sharply jagged features, camouflaging perfectly with the sharp terrain in which it lives.” Menalo also says “the mouth of the Rock Basilisk is of a bright yellow and it emits a most unpleasant scream before making a kill.”

The male Rock Basilisk has a hooded frill around its neck that is also brightly colored. It is unknown if the female Rock Basilisk has the same frill. Rock Basilisks have never been tamed or captured, but for those who have killed the Rock Basilisk, the hide is of tremendous value. There are presently two Rock Basilisk hides in Plen, in the Kingdom of Mar, as a part of the Royal Treasury display. One of the hides is the Rock Basilisk mentioned in the Ballad of Grindor Trunch. The properties of the hide are most unique, with overlapping scales forming an almost impenetrable barrier but coupled with an absorption property, allowing Rock Basilisks to receive severe blows with minimal damage. The absorption property present in the hide is thought to be similar to the “stone armor” enchantment used by blacksmithing mages. See “Ballad of Grindor of Trunch,” and “Rock Basilisk Hide.”

Royal Archives Volume 451, Kingdom of Mar, “Rock Basilisk,” by Royal Historian Gregus Sandburr