Brainstorming sessions are where groups of artists, writers or production managers bounce ideas around until we find just the right fit.

Want to see how it works? During a particularly spirited session our group discussed titles for Book One of The Unseen Chronicles. Names and ideas bounced around like a crazy 1980’s pinball game. We discussed good ideas and bad ideas—we heard suggestions for A Venture Unseen and A Red Dress; Essie’s Dark VentureA Daemon, a King and an Unlikely HeroEssie and the Lost King and The Valley of Fire.

Remember, a title should capture, communicate and be memorable in two to four words!

The title was worked, re-worked and analyzed. After making a short run as Essie and the Burning Cauldron, book one was finally given its best and last title, the title you get to see and read now: A Hero’s Curse.



Thanks for coming behind the scenes and checking under the rug. Storycraft is a curious and exciting art that is a particular passion of mine that began when I was very young. (Check it out here.)

There is much more, but I can’t share everything about storycraft or A Hero’s Curse. Some of it will appear here on the website later. Some of the aspects of storycraft you will have to discover for yourself. You’ll have to pick up a pen or hunker over a keyboard and tell your own story.

Do check back in often to see updates and more previews at how a book goes from bubbling in the back of the mind’s compost heap to the crisp white pages in your hands.

You are always welcome to write me. Perhaps you’ll tell me if you were going to write a story, (maybe you already have!), what what you would you call it? What would it be about? Let me know on my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. Broaddus

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